Spanish island to charge “Green tax”

Travelling to Spain’s most iconic islands Mallorca Menorca and Ibiza will become costlier this year. The Balearic Islands are visited by more than 3 million British tourists every year. The Balearic government has decided to charge “green tax” over visitors to conserve the islands ecosystem. After July 1st 2016 the visitors will pay a daily charge of 2 Euros per day. This applies to luxurious apartments and hotels in high-demand season. Any traveler over the age of 14 has to shell out the additional charges. The tax was announced last year and was criticized by travel firms stating that it will become tough to plan for families to plan budget trip to the islands.

The government authorities say that the revenue generated will be directed towards conserving the natural heritage and ecosystem of the surroundings. The vice President of the islands coalition government said that the proposal will be implemented even if the Spanish government opposes it. The authorities claim that it is absolutely necessary to conserve the archipelago of the islands.

After the proposal was made last year, amid severe criticism the government agreed that it will halve that tax paid each day after nine days of stay. In the island of Malta 0.5 euro will be charged per day from the beginning of June and will be capped at 5 Euros. Travel associations fear that the move will reduce visitors traffic to the island and hurt the tourist economy.

Mogujie the clone script of Pinterest acquires rivalry Meilishuo

Mogujie the Chinese social e-commerce app which has a tie up with eTao the, product search engine of Alibaba has acquired Meilishuo.

Mogujie which initially was a social platform for sharing photos which was the Chinese clone script of pinterest after its tie up with Alibaba it has turned out to the biggest social shopping app of China. Pinterest is also a huge traffic diverter for e-commerce websites.

These social sites have been a huge influence over buyers and steering them to the sites.Especially in women’s fashion.Certain social apps also integrate links to the e-retailers websites.

Meilishuo is the biggest rivalry of Mogujie acquiring its has increased its to $2.5 billion.The two companies together form a new company for which The CEO of mogujie will head.CEO Chen has also claimed that this was a profitable move to the entity as it keeps the next rivalry far from them.They are together backed by Tencent Holdings Ltd the social networking giant of China.

Meilishuo has been trying to raise funds with less success but Mogujie has raised $200 million.This new entity is also planning to raise funds which will increase its value to $3 billion. Tencent is planning to increase its stake in the company.The merging of such newage tech firms mostly come from investor’s pressure. Check Zoplay for more clone scripts

The other major tech firms that have merged in china include the ride hailing companies Didi and Kauidi, Metuan and Dianping the online-to-offline platform have also merged recently.

These social sites have been a huge influence over buyers and steering them to the sites.

Ozon not a clone script of Amazon but a typical Russian e-commerce giant

Ozon the first Russian e-commerce giant is compared to Amazon for it holds the market of Russia in the same way as Amazon does in most parts of the world.But the CEO of Ozon says that it is not fair to call Ozon a clone script of Amazon.

Ozon had to build its own logistics network cash-on delivery issues which were unique to Russia and still 10% of its orders are placed over phone.Also, Ozon and Amazon emerged in their respective markets at the same time.Though the way ozon was established might not be cloned but it has very similar moves of Amazon.

Ozon has moved into logistics and cloud services and acquired a shoe maker in Russia all moves similar to Amazon.Nonetheless Ozon is mostly likely to face severe completion in home market with china’s Alibaba Japan’s Rakuten and Amazon all trying to enter Russian market.

When asked about who would the company prefer as its acquirer among the three, Gavet CEO of Ozon replied that the company had recently raised funds for investment into its different portfolio’s indicating that the company was not ready to give away.She also indicated that the strategy of the acquirer will play a major role if at all the company was ready to discuss acquisition.

When questioned about whether political climate plays a role in the mood of investors Gavet answered that political situations don’t matter for investors and it was dependent on how prospective the investment is.

Juice Cubes a Clone of Candy Crush

The Ravio Entertainment’s Juice cubes are cloned from the most popular game Candy crush. It is well known for its match three puzzle feature and tries to stand out in the industry, but nowadays the number of clones in the industry is rising.
Unlike the name Juice cubes games doesn’t feature juices. The game is about matching or juicing the tiles in the game representing slices of fruits. Pocket play Lab would have played more on the term juice. It would be much better if blenders exist there and few screaming fruit slices.
Like Candy crush Saga its clone game also has the same aim of passing on to the next level within a few moves, matching three or four cubes within a specific time, creating bombs to explode a larger region of fruit. As you move further levels in both the games the criteria to pass next level will be tougher.
Juice cubes differ from other games in its way of tile matching, where you have to match the tiles diagonally. This makes the game easier to play when compared to other games.
The initial level of the game is set with a beach resort background and an audio that suits it. It is a relaxing game that soothes the users while juice the fruits.
Juice cubes lack in its storyline, as it neglects to compel a good story that supports the beauty of the cute beach resort background and sliced fruits.

China’s Groupon Clone to Launch Open Group Buying Platform

The china’s boldest clone Tuanbao will soon launch group buying platform. The CEO of Tuanbao designed the site in a way that it looks same like groupon and the domain name also look alike. This may be a reason for the company’s initial stage of success, but the company doesn’t show any creativity.
China’s group buying sites has a bad time once. Tuanbao is an advertising company that lists only free deals because the company still invests money and doesn’t receive any credit.
Free listing is an option and it allows vendors to choose whether to opt for free deal or for a traditionally paid one. On the same way designated power users have the rights to speak directly with the vendors about the deal and earn commissions.
While setting up the deals some users will get paid to draft and design the listings of the deal and those who help to promote the deal will get paid. Tuanbao will no longer arrange deals with the vendor directly and there will be some shortage in the commission from vendor to power users.
Tuanbao will be the first group buying platform and the idea is very familiar. Many sites like Alibaba are following the same idea, allowing vendors to list out the deals, but it is expected that Tuanbao will break the ground with its new features.
This site will be more interesting that enables users to establish their deals and market them through its platform.

80% Of Staffs Got Fired In Groupon Clone

The Groupon clone is in its edge as more than 80 percent of its staffs got fired. It is one of the important faculties in the daily deals market but its sudden variation stunned many. Formerly it is known by the name and now it is called Tuanbao.
It is practicing a new round trimming job and dozens of people are sending out from the individual sales offices.
It is clear that the former groupon and the present Tuanbao fired upto 70 percent of its staffs since its period of inception. According to a Chinese report it is evident that the company had 4000 employees and now it have around 700 and the remaining 82 percent were asked to clear their desk.
According to a report the company’s Beijing branch has trimmed people in editorial department. In Suzhou the number dropped to 10.
Tuanbao’s woes expresses the extra ordinary tight margins of the group buy sector and the action of throwing all the poorly paid and desperate staffs to the situation doesn’t turn your offered deals to sold deals. Industry insiders believe that there are more than 5000 group buy sites available in China and none are getting any profit.
The operations in Groupon had a bad time as more number of staffs got fired as part of obvious tightening and restructuring but the official response about this action is that they are firing only uncapable staffs.
A False information got spreaded over china which says that the real Groupon acquired the Groupon clone in China. Is a Clone of Singapore’s Digg, a Singapore based social bookmarking website is the clone of Digg, a news aggregator.
Like Digg, its clone allows users to submit links to web pages and articles that they find interesting and the users are provided with the freedom of filtering their favourite contents from the crowds.
The aim of Digg is to select stores like science, political issues and viral internet news specifically for internet users.It is one of the popular news website that allows the users to vote for the contents through burying and digging. faces the same problem that every website faces in user generated content face like making users to join, asking them to contribute. Quality control of the content can be done either by filtering the spam during the phase of content submission or by shaping the users to effectively participate in the voting of the content.
While having a look at the recent stories, it is evident that most of the posted stories are from news websites like Asia one, The straits time and the Channelnewsasia. There are still some problems in some categories like ‘Singapore News’that doesn’t have first hand contents and news.
Singapore news is in its substandard stage in spite of its offerings from an organized player SPH. Both Singapore news and tried to solve this issue by means of editorial control and crowd sourcing.
It is clear that many business magnates like the founder is trying to kick out these problems.

Clone of ‘Call of Duty’ By Chinese Army Opens To Gamers

The Chinese military created a clone of call of Duty game called Glorious mission online in the year 2011 and it is made available to all Chinese gamers in the year 2013 according to a deal with Giant interactive, a gaming company.
They promoted the game on one of the special occasion on August 1st and that is the anniversary of the foundation of people’s liberation army in China.
It is really a good time for Chinese people to take action against the cruel Americans. This game is expected to rank high in China, as it is providing an opportunity for the Chinese gamers take their arms against Americans. China has cloned many military systems from the originals of foreign made and this may be a reason for the growth of the high-tech city. The first person shooter video game developed by China and backed by people’s liberation army is apparently modeled on America’s Army.
Glorious mission gives train the players before taking them to the imaginative battleground to clearly describe its idea and the game look pretty with its well made backgrounds. This come-up of Glorious mission was just an accident that happened when a TV program showed how Chinese army is getting trained with a simple computer game and all of them were locked in a mortal combat with the army force of U.S and that scene stunned those people who watched the program. It is not confirmed if the public version of the game is same as the one that the PLA soldier used.

Three Games That Improved With the Concept Of 2048

The number started with three, but now it is expanding further to thousands. The developers of these games realized that the cloning works only for sometime, even if they are developed with self confidence.
Here are the three games that are cloned with the 2048 concept:
Everybody Loves Monsters:
The concept of this game is to combine the monster tiles and evolve them into badder and bigger nasties, whereas in 2048 the procedure is to combine numbered tiles to form a larger numbers.
The technology based introduction is a bit jarring when compared to the rest of the game, but there was something lacking in the English translation. In this game, monsters differ in colour, but the monster that the user unlocks is considered to be an achievement.
Monster Munch:
The idea behind this game is to combine food blocks to form a dinner or lunch for those hungry monsters at the top of the screen.
Monster munch has different sizes of the board and each board is governed by each rule. The main aim of the customers is to cook food and feed the hungry guests.
Monster Munch comes from TouchTouch and published by US based publisher.
This game combines the gameplay of Threes with a gameplaying role’s intricacy. Combining tiles on board to take out the enemies is the goal of this game.Gamers will have two options to combine the tiles before taking effect. A sword tile can be combined with two other sword tiles before the attack. This game is developed by Boxmansoft and the game appears to be highly user interface.